The evaluation begins with a series of questions to be asked by the assistant or the practitioner.  In this initial interview, the patient’s esthetic concerns can be ascertained.

The application guides the practitioner through a series of photographs of the patient, which can be imported into the application.  These patient photographs will allow the practitioner to compare their facial features to a series of animated faces displaying:

1) The Dental Midline relative to the facial structures

2) The amount of Tooth and or Gum Display, both at rest and when smiling

3) Any facial asymmetries or lip pulls, both at rest and during smiling

4) Closed or Opened Facial Vertical Relationships

5) Vermilion Border Dimension as Full, Reduced and or Minimal

6) Face Shape from a range of Average, Convex and or Concave

Additional photographs will show the patient’s appearance with placement of various measurement tools to allow the the practitioner to quantify both the Esthetic and Functional Space.

Once completed, the patient and the practitioner can review the findings together.  Through the use of pictures and measurements, the patient can be shown the current situation, and possible restorative options can be discussed.

The form can then be signed and dated, and then printed or saved for the patient’s information and for their chart.

The application is available for Windows or iPad.  The iPad version can directly import the photographs as they are made with the iPad’s camera.

Completion of the cosmetic application will provide relationship building with the patient, a thorough esthetic evaluation, a determinant of cosmetic procedure options, and serve as an excellent communication tool for controlling the patient’s esthetic expectations.