What if I don’t remember my Username?

Your Username was included in the email you received when you first signed up for an account.

What if I don’t remember my Password?

Go to the My Account page and click on “Lost Password” under “Log In To Your Account.” We’ll email you a link to create a new password.

How do I add the patient pictures to the Photos on my iPad?

The pictures taken outside of the Exam using the iPad’s camera will be in the Photos on your iPad. To add pictures from Photos, be sure the camera icon has been changed to a  file folder (press the camera icon until it changes to a file folder). The pictures  can then be added to the Exam using the Add Patient Pictures window or by double tapping on the item name where you would like to add the picture.  Pictures taken using the camera when in using the app will not appear in your Photos.

Where can I find User Instructions?

For iPad apps, User Instructions can be found by tapping “Exams” “Show User Instructions” in the lower left hand corner.

For Windows, User Instructions can be found by clicking “Help” “User Instructions.”

Where on the Patient Report are the patient pictures from the exam?

Patient pictures from the exam can be found on the last two pages of the Patient Report.