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Massad Esthetic Space Ruler (MESR)

THE MASSAD ESTHETIC SPACE RULER The Massad Esthetic Space Ruler (MESR) is a multi-functional measuring device for use with both edentulous and dentate patients.

The measurements obtained through use of the Ruler provide essential information for determining treatment plans, predicting esthetic outcomes, and also describing a patient’s oral topography using currently accepted guidelines.

The Massad Esthetic Space Ruler is constructed of clear plastic, angled for ease of placement in both the maxillary and mandibular arches, and notched on both ends for patient comfort when placed in contact with the vestibular frena. The Ruler has “dimples” placed at 1millimeter increments, and horizontal lines at 5 millimeter increments.

The finished surface of the Ruler is easily marked with a fine point indelible marker.



Massad Edentulous Lip Ruler (MELR) 

The Massad Edentulous Lip Ruler (MELR) is a device that allows dentists to evaluate the esthetic relationships of both the upper and lower lips to the oral cavity and facial mask.  

Each patient has a different tooth display when they speak, relax and smile. When constructing any type of prosthesis, it is imperative that the dentist know the length of the lip when relaxed, speaking, and smiling in order to determine the height of the prosthetic components, both implants and teeth… a critical step in achieving a natural looking smile.

This Lip Ruler is also available in white color.  Some clinicians prefer the white ruler for the operatory while dental labs prefer the yellow color.